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Efficiency and Effectiveness as a learning process

How can we assure efficiency and effectiveness?

A special focus in the approach chosen is learning as the ultimate process to which evaluation should contribute and by which it should be supported at the same time. Because of the importance of this element in this approach we once more focus on this aspect. The quality of evaluation from this perspective consists of the following:

1.    Good self evaluations are motivating events.

  • They include a variety of activities.
  • They have clear goals and purposes known and supported by the people involved and concerned.

2.    They provide the people involved with a richness of information or experiences they can benefit from

  • Lots of sources
  • Clearly  structured information
  • Involving all senses

3.    They provide opportunities for exploration, articulating ideas, experimentation and feedback on these experiences.

  • Opportunities for brainstorms
  • Opportunities for thinking
  • Opportunities for discussing and sharing ideas
  • Safe and secure feedback on initial "theories and actions", meaning feedback on how the facts found related to what people originally did or thought, or both.