ACT-NET was funded from the European Commission.
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Welcome to ACT-NET!

ACT-NET was a multilateral project funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme in the years 2009 and 2010.

In the framework of ACT-NET transnational a group of European experts and practitioners worked on the evaluation of informal learning.

ACT-NET developed methodology, instruments and easy to use web-based software (LEVEL5) especially for those stakeholders who work with “non-mainstreaming” and disadvantaged target groups.

On this website you may learn more ABOUT the ACT-NET project and the ACTIVITIES carried out in the two-year project.

Our project partners and their organisations are being presented in the PARTNER section.

In the RESULT section you find the achieved outputs – scientific and practical outputs, lessons learnt and the evaluation and planning instruments of informal learning as well as valorisation and dissemination materials and documentations

You receive extensive information on the validation APPROACH Level 5 and the web-based software system that facilitates documentation and visualisation of competence learners’ developments.

You get overviews about previous and present MICRO-PROJECTS in which the approach was applied, further developed and fine-tuned on the demands of specific target groups.

Our collaborative activities will be continued under the new umbrella of the REVEAL NETWORK. On its specific website you may get information on current projects and activities like our regular REVEAL conferences, workshops, ongoing evaluations and future projects.