ACT-NET was funded from the European Commission.
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Summary of the Project

ACTNET was a transnational project of European experts from grass-root projects and universities working on the question about how to evaluate and visualise the impacts of informal learning.

On the basis of a previous science-practice project (ACT!) ACT-NET delivered for the first time a verified evaluation system for evidencing competences in informal learning contexts and transfered it to specific domains of informal learning.

ACT-NET used the prototype of an informal learning evaluation system which was transferred to a series of European exemplary projects at grass-root level and in different European collaboration projects. Here ACT-NET evidenced individual or group competences in a process orientated way in a 3-dimensional visualised cube model based on a multi-user software solution.

To round up the approach a planning component for informal learning situations were introduced.

Thus, the project provided a comparable evidencing system for informal learning outcomes especially suitable for grass root projects and their beneficiaries.