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LEVEL5 Manual

The LEVEL5 manual is a handbook that describes the entire procedure and the five steps in detail.

In the first part it explains the idea of the system and the utilisation; gives some information on the backgrounds and developments and shortly presents the REVEAL network in order to provide the full scope of the system and the community.

In the second part the five steps will be presented including the instruments (off-line patterns).

A practice example is attached in the so called “acting recommendation”.

Table of Contents:

1. Evaluation Procedure

  • Principles of LEVEL5
  • Reasons to apply LEVEL5

2. Evaluating Competence Development

  • Step 1: Project Description
  • Step 2: Selection of Topics/Competences
  • Step 3: Individual Reference System
  • Step 4: Assessing
  • Step 5: A: Rating and Reasoning
  • Step 5: B: Learners’ Certificate Example