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Informal Learning Patterns

A new planning device for informal learning has been developed.

The approach is based on the idea that similarities in the vast variety of informal learning offers can be detected. Derived from these clustered similarities so called “informal Learning Patterns” can be established and described according to principles, actors, specific learning activities, impact on competence development and suitable assessment methods.

The evolving database has been connected reference projects that are available on the websites related to LEVEL5 to deliver recognition patterns for stakeholders in the field.

This way the evolving inventory will be a useful instrument for stakeholders from grass-root projects to try new ways of informal learning in their projects.

The ILP refers to experts in the field (the responsible persons in grass-root projects). It is a help tool to identify good informal learning practice, to transfer the experience in own context and to describe the learning processes in their projects accordingly.

The patterns are illustrated with first micro-project examples.

They have been and will be continuously presented on the REVEAL WIKI as stimulation for potential future users.