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The Art of Networking

The European training course The Art of Networking is aimed at professionals in adult education and other education sectors (adult trainers, teachers, programme developers, education managers, researchers, evaluators) who are already involved in networks or may wish to be so in the future.

The Art of Networking offers training on how to act effectively in educational networks, and how to plan and manage a network. Moreover, a particular type of network is highlighted: European networks in the framework of the European Union’s funding programmes for lifelong learning.

In September/October 2009 a one-week Art of Networking course took place in Alden Biesen, Belgium. Although this course was not an “informal” learning activity, but a “non-formal” course with clear and communicated aims, competence development is an important issue.

It was therefore decided to use the LEVEL5 methodology to evidence the competence development of participants in the framework of an overall project evaluation.