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Job Students

The Landcommanderij Alden Biesen is a big cultural centre based in a historic castle in Flanders, Belgium. Each year the centre employs job students. In 2010 we decided to evaluate the students through the Level 5 approach. The aim of this evaluation is to get a better view on the functioning of the job students in the cultural centre and to have them better integrated and involved in the mission of the organisation.

Since these job students only stay for a short period (1 month) it is very difficult to get them integrated with the rest of the staff and to get them thoroughly involved in the ‘mission’ of the organisation. A ‘front desk’ job on the other hand is very important since it represents the ‘portal’, or even the ‘face’ of the organisation and it is in many cases the only life contact a tourist or a visitor has with ‘the organisation’.

Therefore it is important for Alden Biesen to get these students integrated and updated as soon as possible.

This project was not a real training project but a work situation in which it was important to get the job students embedded in the real situation as soon as possible. It turned out that the Reveal assessment itself was an incentive for the students to pay more attention to these aspects of their job and as such to improve their learning.