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Volunteers in Rural Regeneration

A self-organised and self-regulated team of 8 volunteers, with collaboration from other community members improved the facilities of their home village by converting a former chicken stable of a local historic building into a community library and information centre.

Additional benefits of the project included:

  • The creation of social and community dynamics, that went beyond the immediate project.
  • Improving communication and cooperation across the generational boundaries
  • Increasing the inhabitant’s identification with their village.

The aim of this volunteer project was at first a hands-on approach to reconstruction, with no life-long learning projection.

As the project got finished, the participants gained awareness of the achieved learning, particularly with the use Level 5, as an evaluation method of their work. This method was used by the volunteers to further explore the group possibilities as a team (team building competence) as well as a decision-making tool to see how should they carry on, with their capacities, as a volunteer group in the future.

At the individual level, Level 5 made the individual volunteers aware of the important informal learning components of this volunteer renewal project. Participants, with very diverse backgrounds got familiar with the concept of Life-long learning and they decided to integrate the learning component into the design of future projects, Through the project, participants learned to allocate human resources better according to skills, motivation and synergy between individuals and gained useful management and planning tools. As a result, they increased their group confidence.

Level 5 method served was a tool to convince the informal volunteer group of their capacity to continue developing future volunteer projects.