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Social Services Evaluation

The aim of the micro project was to provide specialized educational services to representatives of public institutions and nongovernmental organizations that offer support services in the community for disadvantaged groups.

The micro project consisted of 3 large activities: organizing the learning group (including dissemination of the project through local mass-media, informal meetings with representatives from the municipality; dissemination of the application form, identification of participant’s profile), training programme (including training sessions on evaluation and monitoring of social services, presentation of the LEVEL5 system, development of micro projects - one for each person participating in the training, according with the social services that it provides, debate) and evaluation of the project (initial and final evaluation).

The micro project is related to informal learning through the training programme developed and implemented. The training programme was sustained by trainers authorized by the Ministry of Education and Labor from Romania, specialists in the field of adult education and in the social sector.

The learning objectives of the programme were: (1) to know the importance of social services qualitative assessment, (2) to be able to use the evaluation system LEVEL5, (3) to know the differences between the system LEVEL5 and other evaluation models.