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Belies Consulting

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Esther Gelabert

Esther Gelabert (

The firm BELIES provides studies, advise and technical assistance in EU and international cooperation programmes. Belies brings together collective experience of independent multinational and multilingual dedicated experts in EU affairs and non-profit sectorial fields from academia, consultancy and practice. Since its creation in 2006, the firm has provided services to the French Ministry of Youth and Popular Education ; the Autonomous Government of Catalonia (Social inclusion Unit); the Italian Chamber of Commerce (Training in EU Affairs) Partenalia (European network for local intermediate public administrations)

Belies also participates in EU projects with have an action-research innovation character or aim at improving institutional co-operation within the EU and international frameworks.

Through the professional work in Barcelona, as well as Brussels BELIES has access to a broad number of non-profit organisations, EU networks and EU officials that could be an asset for the testing, dissemination and valorisation of ACT-NET.

BELIES will take over the role of internal evaluation and dissemination of the approach on the EU-programme level.


Dr. Francesc Darder 10

08034 Barcelona