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Centre of Continuing Education

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Ula Hadrych , Alicia, Sylwia Knot

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Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego in Sopot is the formal adult education centre for 19+ with 60-year of educational tradition. Its main aim is constant improvement of educational process, as well as widening educational offer for people who want to get a profession or those who failed to get secondary education on time, those who do not have any vocational training and those who want to update their qualifications. In the frame of our organisations exists: General and vocational adult education services;

Practical Vocational education in two practice firms; Teachers Training Centre in Sopot; Project Department; University of the IIIa Age; Association „Labour-Education-Health” and Career Adviser Office. Apart formal education we provide also non-formal education: curses e.g. accountancy, entrepreneurship, ‘European Computer Driving License’; trainings within local, regional, international projects; independent exams. Our target groups are: adult learners, elderly people, disadvantaged people like unemployed, women - victims of violence, drop-outs, volunteers, teachers and others. Our network/cooperation: local, regional and international NGOs and other organisations working in the field of education (formal, non-formal and informal) for different groups e.g. Voivodeship Labour Office, Youth Clubs, Municipality Office.

CKU was involved in the preceding ACT!-project and evaluated micro-projects with socially disadvantaged target groups. They bring in a wide experience with European projects dealing with disadvantaged target groups. CKU will be the leading partner for the WP 8 Dissemination.


Ko?ciuszki street 22-24, 81-704 Sopot, Poland