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University of Kassel

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Leena Ferogh
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The University of Kassel, founded in 1971, is the newest university in the state of Hessen. At present, it has about 18,113 students. The number of staff is more than 2,120, including 327 professors, approximately 900 other academic staff, and about 1,100 technical and administrative staff.

A wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes is offered in the following fields of study:- Humanities and Social Sciences- Economics and Business- Natural Sciences- Engineering Sciences- Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Planning- International Agriculture and Environmental Protection- Fine Arts -Interdisciplinary research is a priority for the University of Kassel. This includes research co-operation and dialogue and collaborative development projects with institutions from all over the world.

The scientific part of ACT-NET will be coordinated by the system design department of the University since due to the complexity of validating informal learning a systemic approach is required.


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