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Arbetarrörelsens folkhögskola

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Arbetarrörelsens folkhögskola i Göteborg, AfiG (Labour Movement Folk High school in Gothenburg (SE) is a folk high school which has been working in the field of adult education since 1975 and as an independent folk high school since 1991. Every year more than 150 adult students participate in full time courses and about 20 students follow a part time course. These courses can be characterised as second chance education in order to complete qualifications for future studies at university level or for better opportunities to succeed in the labour market.

AFiG also realises about 100 short term courses in collaboration with the local trade unions as a part of the development of these organisations and the promotion of Long Life Learning. AFiG also carries out special designed full time and part courses for disabled persons principally for who are affected by dyslexia.

AFiG has 23 full time staff members and 150 students I courses with long duration and 1500 students in courses with short duration.

The profile of AFiG is internationalism and participation which means that the education in addition to formal knowledge promotes participation in the public debate and in Non Governmental Organisations, political parties and trade unions.

AFiG has an extensive experience in cooperation with different partners. Every year a considerable amount of education activities is in progress together with various partners. During the last 5 years AFiG has carried out courses


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