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Association for the Promotion of Women in Romania

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Adela Dinu
Anastasia Pop

Adela Dinu Executive Director APoWeR

Anastasia Pop Project Assistance APoWeR

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Association for the Promotion of Women in Romania (APoWeR) is a nongovernmental organisation whose mission is to educate the whole society by promoting affirmative and non-discriminatory policies in order to increase the quality of women’s lives in Romania. The organisation works to raise public awareness through programmes of education regarding human rights, violence against women and democratic policies for the promotion of equal opportunities; to provide social support services consisting of psychological and legal counselling, social assistance, phone counselling and educational programmes; to promote adequate legislation through lobby and advocacy campaigns. APoWeR is divided into three autonomous centres specialised in legislative research and defence of women’s rights (1), direct services (2), education, advocacy and economic support (3). The main results include: education programmes for over 500 persons, direct services for over 3000 beneficiaries, public information for around 4 millions citizens, promotion of domestic violence law, and monitoring of 290 administrative institutions. APoWeR has coordinated over 20 national projects and activated as partner in 10 European projects, and is currently coordinator of a Youth in Action project.

APoWer is the selected organisation for Romania in the field of domestic violence and was also involved in the preceding ACT!-project with the evaluation of micro-projects from their field. They were mainly involved in the development of the IAS-approach and will be the leading partner for the WP 9 Consultancy for European stakeholder


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